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BREAKING: The SCAllion Reveals All!

Your voices have been heard!  After numerous (really, so numerous) (just shut up already) calls for the creators of The SCAllion to reveal themselves, we proudly present a list of our staff:

Editor-in-Chief:  Pseudonymous Bosch
Executive Editor:  No-Spoons-Only-Knives Hutchinson 
Associate Managing Editor, Eastern Rite Kingdoms:  Han-Shot-First Fishwycke
Associate Managing Editor, Western Rite Kingdoms:  This-Is-Fine Sharpe
Associate Managing Editor, Aten Heresy Kingdoms:  Rick Roll Thornburie
Associate Managing Editor, Great White North: Tim
Rédacteur en Chef Associé, Nouvelle France:  Pas d’Anglais Charpentier
Associate Managing Editor, Land Down Under:  Throw-Another-Shrimp-On-Thee Barbey
Associate Managing Editor, Where History Comes From: Marcus atte Bridge du Pont von Brücke van de Brug del Ponte
Graphics Editor:  Running-Up-That-Hill Burghley
Senior Staff Editor, Food:  Avocado Toast Tattersall
Senior Staff Editor, Advice:  Bye Felicia Banbrydge
Executive Director, Promotions and Advertising:  Like-and-Subscribe Warbleton
Executive Director, Design:  Probably-Illegal-In-Florida Jacksoun
Human Resources:  Gaze-Ye-Not-Into-The-Abyss-Lest-The-Abyss-Get-A-Restraining-Order Sykes
Help Desk, Proofreading:  It-Looks-Like-You’re-Trying-To-Write-A-SCAllion-Article Smythe
Supervisor of Interns:  Touch-Not-The-Toe-Beans Merrywether
Chief Legal Officer:  Judge-Not-Lest-Ye-Be-Judged T. Sharke, Esq.

P.S. Check the date, folks.  You can’t catch us that easily.  Meep meep.  Zing.

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