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Canadian SCAdians allowed to pay for international memberships with maple syrup

SHIRE OF AR N-EILEAN-NE, TIR MARA, EAST KINGDOM –  Due to rising inflation and costs of goods, the Board of Directors has issued a variance for Canadian members of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  These members were named informally at the last Board meeting as “SCAnadians,” much to the furor of those present in the call.

The official statement, published February 2nd, reads: “We recognise that money is tight for our northern members, and that the exchange rate between CAD and USD fluctuates significantly, and we therefore decided to search out a way to enable Canadians to maintain their memberships while relying on something more stable.”

Canadian members may now pay for international membership using one of the following methods:

  • A 1-litre jug of maple syrup
  • 4 XL Tim Hortons double-doubles and a 40-pack of TimBits
  • 10 Coffee Crisps
  • 3 BeaverTails
  • 5 2-litre bottles of Coca-Cola (must be purchased in Canada)

This decision has met with generally positive responses, as the change means membership costs for Canadians will be decreased overall, but as the Ealdormere Kingdom Seneschal pointed out, the difference will be made up by Canada Post shipping charges to send the chosen items to Milpitas San Diego.

One Board of Directors member, who omitted to specify that their remarks were off the record, made a comment within earshot of The SCAllion to the effect of, “We’re going to be swimming in syrup, and who’s going to drink all that coffee? This was a mistake.”

One thought on “Canadian SCAdians allowed to pay for international memberships with maple syrup

  1. Keythong is now considering accepting maple syrup as acceptable payment for Canadian Submissions in Northshield.


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