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Sir Guido goes to Gulf Wars and finds FLAVOURCHESTRE!

Hey all, Sir Guido di Orgoglioso here and I just got done with a week with some of the BEST FOOD in the Knowne Worlde! I’m talking pierogies, mutton, pickled catfish, you name it, someone here at Gulf Wars was making it! And I am gonna give you the 411 on all the best!

On Monday, I sat in for grub with a fantabulous Venetian dinner made by that infamous Laurel of AEthelmearc. Not gonna name drop, but honestly, you should know the one. That meal was bangin’! Her fish pies, the spices were just killer! She brings her game and that venison is GOOD! Cannot recommend highly enough, she is the Baroness of Flavourchestre.

Wednesday night was the annual pilgrimage to Ansteorra Chili Night. As usual, that line was long, but the chili was worth the wait. A true Festival of Dynamite. They wisely did not take sides in the Religious Chili Wars, instead opting to have beans on the side so folks could decide whether or not to commit heresy. With a large selection of hot sauces to choose from, folks could make things mild or as funkalicious as they desired. The only complaint would be that (as usual) the sour cream and cheese on the side ran out about 5 minutes into serving. Maybe one day they will have enough to go around!

And finally, the ever popular Knowne World Party last night. It being St. Patty’s Day, there was green EVERYWHERE! Booze, beer, food, several of the party goers. You name it, everywhere you looked, there was green. Personally, I loved the whole vibe. The green margaritas were bangin’. It felt like Mardi Gras decided to visit Ireland in South Mississippi! Always a fantastic time.

The only disappointment was the continued absence of the Green Rice Bowl. Nobody is ever gonna replace them for a quick and easy lunch at war! 

The whole week was fun. It was bananas, and bananas are good. Post period, but good.

Stay tuned for our next report when we hit Lilies. I hear those Calontiri know how to throw a party, I am looking forward to finding out on our next issue of Ale-houses, Taverns, and Pubs!