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Laurel Sovereign at arms relaxes “one coat of arms” restrictions; SCA welcomes polyarmorists

BARONY OF DARKWOOD, THE WEST – In an announcement yesterday, the Laurel Sovereign at Arms has repealed the mandate that members may only have one registered device, and now allows individuals to register multiple items as a device.

“This is fantastic news for polyarmorists,” commented Lord Joseph, speaking from his home forge in Loch Salann, Artemisia, where he works part-time as a blacksmith. “I think you’ll see a lot more participation from members who don’t feel like they should have to choose just one primary device, and it will be a recruitment tool, too. I know a few other polyarmorists who just didn’t feel welcome before. It’s a great step.”

Not everyone welcomes the change, though. “What am I supposed to tell my kids?” asked one commenter. “Suddenly there’s going to be this guy, just hanging out in court with multiple devices, and I’m gonna have to figure out what to tell my kids about that. It’s not traditional.”

Other commenters, though, responded quickly to the challenge. “You tell them that some people love more than one set of arms,” one comment read. “It may not be how you were raised, but polyarmory is as valid in the SCA now as monoarmory has been for decades.”

At the time of writing, the Laurel Sovereign of Arms has not responded to the SCAllion’s request for comment, though their Twitter profile picture has been updated to a photo of them with their arm around a banner displaying Vert a bend Or compony brunatre three Saxon Crowns purpure in second quarter, while gripping a kite shield in the other hand showing Pily bendy sinister pean and brunatre a lozenge throughout celestial azure a bagwyn sanguine.

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SCA College of Arms waives submissions fees for actual medieval names

BARONY OF DARKWOOD, WEST KINGDOM – In the Cover Letter of the most recent Letter of Acceptances and Returns, the Laurel Sovereign of Arms, William Robert Smythe, announced a new policy on name submissions: “In order to foster more authentic names in the SCA, the College of Arms will now be covering the cost of all name submissions where the given and bynames are sourced from the same article at .” They continued by justifying the action: “These articles are already vetted and well researched. The names from these articles were common. We believe in the SCA’s educational mission, and believe this will help further that mission by encouraging a more coherent naming pool.” 

The SCAllion was able to get comments from one kingdom submissions herald on the condition of anonymity: “I hope it works! I’m so sick of rejecting submissions and having to explain that persona stories are not documentation. If I have to try to help stunt-doc yet another child of a Viking and Persian, I’m going to lose it.” 

Newer members interviewed hadn’t even heard of the College of Arms, and regaled The SCAllion with stories about the D&D character on which they had based their Ninja/Italian name and wandering merchant persona.