We have merch!

RIDING OF HOLLEKE TOR, KINGDOM OF AETHER – Some of you poor depraved loons have been asking us for merch. Let it not be said that we are deaf and blind to the cries of the masses! After all, we’re not the BOD.

So to shut you all up and not incidentally, keep the editorial team in red ink, the writer’s room in quills, and of course, Jaws in Legal sated, we’ve now got merch! You can buy it, you can flaunt it, You can even burn it while chanting death to The SCAllion and filming it. The only thing you can’t do is use it in salacious videos to raise funds for your reign. (We may even be open to negotiation on that last part.)

Our store is on RedBubble. We have everything from buttons to leggings to bucket hats.

Go tell people you’re The SCAllion. Flaunt it, even. We won’t stop you.